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Port of Portland announces their partnership with GSS as their Compost, Recycling & Trash Hauler.

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Gresham Sanitary Service White Waste truckWe have been recognized at as the first trash hauler in the state of Oregon to have a truck using compressed natural gas as fuel! Outfitting our trucks with CNG fuel was a very important decision that we made. Since we want to help the environment it seemed like making a truck that will run on clean-burning alternative fuel was the best move we could make – And we were definitely right about that! The new truck has worked out very well. It runs efficiently, uses a clean-burning energy source that is environmentally friendly, and out-does anything anyone else in the area has done with their waste management or garbage hauling trucks.


All in all we are very happy and excited about the new truck, and to be featured on Port of Portland is just the icing on the cake.

Check out our blog article about the garbage truck enthusiast– It has footage from the street that shows our truck in action!



Garbage Truck Enthusiast Captures Our New Truck on Video in Portland

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Seems we’ve found someone who enjoys our garbage trucks almost as much as we do! We happened upon this the other day on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing so that people can see our trucks in action from a camera on the street.

In the video description he states that this is Gresham Sanitary Service’s brand new ACX truck, with a modified tailgate and bigger bin area that can hold three 90 gallon bins, as opposed to three 56 gallon bins in our earlier model trucks. What he doesn’t mention is that the truck also features a new glass bin, and that this is also a CNG truck. So far it’s been smooth sailing for the Compressed Natural Gas that runs this truck. It’s economical, and clean-burning alternative fuel and we’re the first company in the state to implement this into our trucks. Exciting stuff!

Metro features Matt Miller and Gresham Sanitary

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 has placed Matt Miller of Gresham Sanitary Service as the Featured Garbage Hauler on their multifamily recycling: resident education page. The article, posted off to the right side of the page, tells a chunk of Matt’s story with Gresham Sanitary Service, and the history behind the sanitation and garbage hauling trade.

Speaking of how much advancement has come since 1948 when our business was started, Matt was quoted as saying “We’re getting to the point where garbage will be almost nonexistent, and everything that we discard will be recyclable in some fashion,” and went on to say that the key is long-term behavior change. You can check out the whole article to see more about Matt Miller and what he sees for the future of sanitation services.

New Website Launch!

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

You are visiting our brand new Gresham sanitary Service website put together with the help of Northwest eSource, Portland’s best web design team. The team at Northwest eSource was really committed to our vision and our goals in this update and its success.

As we near the final months of 2011 and prepare for the holiday season we’ve really had the chance to reflect on the past years events and see that a lot has been accomplished, and it makes us look forward to the next thriving year. There’s more to come and we will be adding much more information over the coming weeks & months, so stay tuned, but we hope you like the new website!

From all of us at Gresham Sanitary Service – we hope you’ve had a prosperous year.

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