Multi-Family Recycling

Commercial Recycling Preparation Instructions

*Recycle these items together*

Scrap Paper & Cardboard Recyclables

Scrap paper

Includes mail, cereal boxes, wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard.


Flatten; may be collected in a separate container.

Plastic Tubs & Bottles Recyclables

Plastic Tubs & Bottles

6 oz and larger. Remove lids.

Metal & Aluminum Recyclables


Spray cans must be empty.

Look for containers with this label

Recycling Label - Look for containers with this label

Glass - Recycle Glass Separately

 Recycle glass separately!

Put it in the roll cart specifically labelled for glass.

   Do not include the following with recycling:

Plastic bags, take-out food containers, pizza boxes, tissue paper, Styrofoam™, paper towels, food-soiled paper, and other household garbage.

Recycling materials instead of throwing them away saves natural resources, conserves energy and reduces pollution. Thank you for doing your part.

For more information on what and what not to recycle, talk to your property manager,
contact us, visit the City of Gresham web site, or call the City at 503.618.2752.

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