Guidelines for yard debris recycling

One 60 gallon roll cart per week is part of your normal service. Make sure to have it at the curb by 6:00am on pickup day to guarantee the pickup. Yard debris should fit in the cart loosely with the lid closed and must fall freely when dumped. For the safety of our drivers, please have all limbs cut or trimmed so that they do not stick out above the rim of the cart or can. Use the roll cart we provide first, cans or Kraft bags can be used for extra set outs for a fee.

Size Weight
30-gallon Kraft bag 45 lbs.
32-gallon can 60 lbs.
Bundle 45 lbs.
60-gallon cart 120 lbs.

Acceptable Materials/Debris


  • Leaves
  • Grass Clippings
  • Weeds
  • Debris from vegetable and flower gardens (including pumpkins)
  • Tree and shrub pruning’s less than 4 inches in diameter


  • Plastic bags and other plastics
  • Dirt
  • Rocks
  • Ashes
  • Animal Waste
  • Stumps or large limbs
  • Lumber
  • Metal
  • Sod
  • Food Waste
  • Paper

Extra Yard Debris recycling (Click here for rates)

  • Cans up to 32-gallons in size
  • Kraft-paper yard debris bags – please try to avoid putting wet debris at the bottom of the bag. Keep bags in a dry location until pickup day to prevent the bottom from falling out.
  • Bundles no longer than 3 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter, tied with twine or string, not wire.

Curbside Pickup!

Yard Debris Only Service

One year subscription, paid in advance, will include weekly collection of one (1) 60-gallon cart. Click here for rates. Weight limits for yard debris are provided below. Please keep in mind that wet grass is very heavy and that half a bag, can, or cart will put you at the weight limit.

Yard Debris Exemption

Do you compost all your yard debris or use a landscaping service that takes yours?  You can apply for a yard debris exemption at 503-618-2525 or online at – scroll down to Yard Debris and click to expand section. Customers can apply for the credit within 30 days of starting service or during open enrollment (April – June). Once approved for the exemption it will save you $2.85 per month.

Attention: Christmas Trees can no longer be picked up outside of your yard debris cart without a fee.

To avoid a fee place all natural Christmas trees or holiday greenery in your yard debris cart following these requirements:

  • Cut trees and greenery into lengths that easily fit in your yard debris roll cart (36″ or less) with the lid closed to ensure they fall freely into the truck when tipped. If it doesn’t fit, cut in half or thirds and put it out in the yard debris cart the next week or the week after if needed
  • Include only cut trees, wreaths, plants, and swags.
  • No tinsel, stands, ornaments, wires, plastic or other material. Flocked trees are not allowed as yard debris.
  • DO NOT put whole trees in the yard debris cart.

Whole natural trees under 6 feet or additional yard debris set out, not in the cart, will now be assessed an additional fee of $3.91 each. Whole trees over 6 feet will not be collected unless cut in half. Each half of oversize trees not in the cart will be subject to the additional fee of $3.91 each. If you are unable to cut your tree over 6 feet in half, please call us for tree recycling options.

Other information related to tree recycling:

  • Flocked trees are not acceptable as yard debris.
  • Natural wreaths and garlands can be recycled in your yard debris cart only if all frames, wire, tinsel, bows and ornaments are removed.
  • If you are a residential customer without yard debris service, and would like your tree picked up, we can pick it up with advanced notice for a fee.
  • If you would like your tree picked up by a nonprofit for a small fee, contact Metro at 503-234-3000 to find out who is picking up in your neighborhood.
  • If a local organization, other than us, is collecting your tree, please schedule pickup on a day other than your yard debris collection day to avoid confusion.
  • People living in large multifamily residences should contact their property manager to arrange for a drop box for tree collection service.
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