Renting a Drop Box vs. Driving To The Dump

roll-off drop box rentalA drop box rental would come in handy for any contractor, homeowner, or landlord who needs to clear out some space or do a major renovation. It’s a simple, convenient solution for a large waste pile sitting on your property (and getting in your way). But, some still wonder if they could just haul the trash to the dump on their own.

There Are Better Options

Without thinking things all the way through, we give ourselves a false sense of what options are available. Hauling garbage to the city dump isn’t always as easy as it sounds. First, there’s the requirement that you have a vehicle capable of holding all that trash. Your average pickup truck won’t easily hold what a 10 yard drop box can.

What’s the harm in a few trips, you ask? Well, with all the wasted time and gas spent going back and forth (on top of that fact that most dumps charge a fee), you’re coming close to paying for your drop box rental anyway.

Avoid Damaging Your Own Truck

What’s especially important to consider is that drop boxes are designed to carry all sorts of stuff— dirty and disgusting stuff. If you’re getting rid of moldy construction material, or cleaning out a hoarder’s house or dirty storage space, you won’t want that muck on your truck. You’ll want to contain it in an area that’s meant for waste: a dumpster. And, there’s usually more than just dirt to be concerned about. You also won’t want to scratch up your truck by hauling boards with nails or other materials that could damage it. The walls of drop boxes, however, are built to take a beating.

You Can’t Beat Convenience

The biggest advantage of all when it comes to renting a drop box is the pure simplicity of it. Having a need for a drop box typically means you’re elbows deep in a serious project. Maybe you’re moving, cleaning out the garage, remodeling a rental property, or running a contracting business. Whatever your reason for needing to throw away piles and piles of trash, not having to organize a trip (or five) to the dump will save you precious, precious time.

A drop box rental will be the most convenient part of your project. All you have to do is call us, iron out the details, and we’ll deliver it pretty much anywhere you need to have it. You keep it for as long as you need it and call us when it’s ready to be picked up. Drop boxes of all sizes are available, and the dates are up to you.

It really doesn’t get any easier when it comes to clean up. This time, you don’t have to be the DIY hero! It’s not always about working hard, sometimes it’s about working smart. Call Gresham Sanitary Service today to reserve your drop box today.

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