What Size Drop Box Do I Need?

Drop Box Rental PortlandWhen you’re planning to remodel your home, replace your roof or deck, or to just do a deep spring cleaning, there are good odds that you’re going to be creating piles and piles of waste. You can’t put this amount of trash in your trash can, so what can you do with it? You could use a pick-up truck to haul load after load to the landfill, but if you live nowhere near a landfill that could be a serious inconvenience. When you’re cleaning up after any kind of home improvement project, renting a drop box could make your life that much easier – especially since we will drop it off and pick it up at your location.

Drop boxes come in varying sizes and you may not be sure what size your project will require. If you go for the big box and don’t fill it you’ll waste your money, which can be tough to come by at the end of a construction project. On the other hand, if you go for the smallest to save a buck, it might cause more trouble than it was worth. So, here are some general guidelines to help you determine the drop box size that’s appropriate for your project.

10 Yard Drop Boxes hold 10 cubic yards of waste. Our drop box in this size is 10ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 3.5ft tall, and is used for dirt, rock, concrete and other heavy materials only.

20 Yard Drop Boxes hold 20 cubic yards of junk. Our 20 yard drop box is 16ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 4.5ft. tall. If you’re replacing a larger roof, cleaning out your garage or getting rid of a ton (4 tons actually) of old carpet or hardwood flooring, you would probably be safe with a drop box this size. This would be the equivalent to about 10 truck loads of trash. You could also use a 20 yard drop box for redecorating and disposing of bulky furniture.

30 Yard Drop Boxes hold 30 cubic yards of trash. GSS’s 30 yarder is 20ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 5.5ft. tall.  A drop box this size would be a smart choice for home demolition, new home construction, or major landscaping projects.

40 Yard Drop Boxes, the monsters of the waste disposal industry, hold 40 cubic yards of garbage. Our monsters are 20ft. long, 7.5ft. wide and 7ft. tall.  This size would be a good choice if you’re doing commercial roofing, new construction or removing massive amounts of trash. These gigantic receptacles are frequently used at construction sites.

If you’re planning a cleaning or construction project and you know you’re going to need a drop box, it’s important to consider what you’ll be getting rid of a how much, so that you can be best prepared to clean up when the job is done. We hope that you will be recycling a good amount of the waste that you generate, and if you’re planning on it, it’s a great idea to rent an additional drop box for recyclable materials. We’ll even give you a discount if you have clean and separated loads of recyclables.

For more information about drop box pricing and our rental services throughout Portland and Multnomah County, please call 503.665.2424

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