Garbage Truck Enthusiast Captures Our New Truck on Video in Portland

Seems we’ve found someone who enjoys our garbage trucks almost as much as we do! We happened upon this the other day on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing so that people can see our trucks in action from a camera on the street.

In the video description he states that this is Gresham Sanitary Service’s brand new ACX truck, with a modified tailgate and bigger bin area that can hold three 90 gallon bins, as opposed to three 56 gallon bins in our earlier model trucks. What he doesn’t mention is that the truck also features a new glass bin, and that this is also a CNG truck. So far it’s been smooth sailing for the Compressed Natural Gas that runs this truck. It’s economical, and clean-burning alternative fuel and we’re the first company in the state to implement this into our trucks. Exciting stuff!

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