Gresham Sanitary Services Utilizes New Truck Fueled By Natural Gas

Gresham Sanitary Service (GSS) is proud to announce the use of a new truck fueled by compressed natural gas that will be utilized in their commercial hauling division.

Gresham Sanitary Service has been serving Oregon recycling and trash customers since 1948, GSS has always been committed to using modern efficiency based technology. The new truck utilizes GPS, and the latest in telephone, telecommunications, and computer-based equipment, however GSS still remains committed to its core purpose, to professionally and individually meet the needs of their customers in an honest, fair and cost effective manner.

Gresham Sanitary has been recognized as the first trash hauler in the state of Oregon to have a truck using an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel fuel. Running the trucks on compressed natural gas is a much more environmentally clean alternative. Today’s trends are moving towards more eco-friendly or green solutions, and Gresham Sanitary Service is leading the trend. This effort towards eliminating harmful fossil fuels helps the community reach its sustainability goals.

Matt Miller states, “We are very happy to be the first trash hauler in the state of Oregon to have a truck using compressed natural gas as fuel. This brings our company and community closer to becoming more eco-friendly, and helping the environment.

The new compressed natural gas truck is the first step in growing GSS’s entire fleet of disposal trucks to this more sustainable and environmentally friendly fuel source.


Gresham Sanitary Service was founded in 1948 by Carl Lehl and his son, Harlen. Gresham Sanitary Service deals with waste disposal, recycling, compost, and preventing waste for Gresham, Oregon. Gresham Sanitary is now rapidly adding commercial, industrial, and multi-family customers in Portland and Multnomah County.


For More Information Contact:
Matt Miller, General Manager
Gresham Sanitary Services
T: 503-665-2424

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